The signature herd of Fir Farm are our Firbosa Hereford cows, which are famed throughout the farming industry and in the top 5% of breeding beef cattle herds in the UK. Our insistence on a 100% pasture-fed herd (see the Pasture-fed Livestock Association) produces incredible high-quality, distinctive tasting marbled beef, which has created huge demand both within the UK and throughout the rest of the world.

Buy our meat boxes online or for specific cuts contact or call us on 01451 828144 for availability.


Fillet Steak

Rib Eye

A flavoursome and heavily-marbled slow-cooking cut. Slow-roast in the oven until extremely tender, or try your hand at US-style barbecue.

£12 per kilo

The king of steaks: fillet is unbelievably tender and just melts in the mouth. Pan-fry in a hot skillet, never more than medium rare.

£45 per kilo

Super tender with a real beefiness, rib-eye makes for an excellent steak.

£25 per kilo

Sirloin Steak



Somewhere in between the tender fillet and the flavoursome rump, sirloin has a great balance of rich fat and juicy meat. Serve medium rare to medium.

£25 per kilo

Perfect cooked slowly for a deeply flavoursome ragu.

£10 per kilo

An ideal roasting joint, easy to carve and doesn't require a whole day's cooking. Serve rare for deliciously moreish tender meat.

£16 per kilo


Stewing Steak

Beef Mince

A lean roasting cut, perfect for slow-cooked salt beef. Regularly baste to ensure the meat stays juicy.

£15 per kilo

Cook low and slow for a mouth-watering boeuf bourguignon or a spice-packed Indonesian rendang.

£10 per kilo

Take your burgers and bolognese to the next level with tender and deeply flavoursome beef mince.

£10 per kilo

Far Firm
Box One

The Steak Box

A selection of some of our favourite steaks.

Far Firm
Far Firm
Box Two


A collection of steaks and burgers perfect for a summer barbecue or to enjoy at any time of year.

Far Firm
Far Firm
Box Three

The Monthly Shop

A selection of roasting joints, steaks and mince.

Far Firm
Far Firm
Box Four

The Taster Box

A smaller version of our Monthly Box ideal as a taster or for the smaller household.

Far Firm
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