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Set in a beautiful Cotswold valley, near Stow-on-the-Wold, Fir Farm is a 700 acre farm producing delicious, nutrient rich food from native and rare breed animals using organic and sustainable farming practices. Always striving to be as sustainable as possible, we seek to operate a ‘closed loop’, holistic farm system whereby we use all facets of the farm, creating both agricultural and environmental diversity. Our objective is to produce home grown food without diminishing our natural capital.

Over the last 10 years the farm has transitioned from a large dairy business to an organic mixed livestock farm, fully integrated with a pasture-fed beef herd, chickens, sheep and arable cropping.


Healthy soil

We are committed to building and maintaining soil health, the foundation of a sustainable food system.

Sustainable livestock

We raise our animals with the greatest care and consideration in a way that respects our environment.

Working with nature

We aim for a circular farming system which enhances wildlife and observes nature’s principles of diversity, balance and harmony.

Real local food

Locally farmed food from animals fed their natural diet is better for your health and general wellbeing.

A sustainable future

We collaborate with a UK wide network of farmers who are committed to moving towards sustainable food production.



  • We rear all our animals on a natural diet and use those animals to build organic matter, improve soil health and sequester carbon back into the ground.
  • We keep a wide range of livestock as it encourages greater diversity in the eco-system and provides many direct and indirect benefits.
  • We practise mob grazing to make the most of diverse native pastures and have restored many acres of native species rich pastures. The livestock thrive on the pasture diversity which allows them to self-medicate, choosing to eat certain plants to maintain their overall health. In this way our grazing techniques benefit the pastures and also allow us to harvest the finest quality meat.
  • We do not use artificial fertilisers, herbicides or other chemical sprays or routine medications.
  • We are reducing our fossil fuel usage. We generate our own energy as much as possible, using solar, biomass and ground source heating, and collect and conserve water.
  • We aim to minimise our waste and recycle any waste where possible. We use composted farm yard manure as a natural soil conditioner.
  • We have initiated and maintain our own benchmarking system which measures a range of sustainability metrics including soil, water, biodiversity.


Donald Bennett

Estate Manager

Donald has lived and worked in the countryside all his life. Inspired by his father, from an early age he learned the ways of wild animals as well as rearing chickens, geese and turkeys for his pocket money. He has been at Fir Farm from the start. Donald’s favourite animals are our pigs. In particular Victoria, our Gloucester Old Spot, who is the founder member of the farm and spends her time rootling around the woodlands looking for acorns.

Bob Fletcher

Cattle and Pastures Manager

Bob was born and grew up in Cornwall, where his interest in livestock was ignited whilst spending school holidays working with cattle and sheep on the Caerhays estate. Bob has been involved with the farm since its conception and has enjoyed the transition to a solely grass based system. He is very keen on the human health benefits of 100% pasture reared meat. Bob’s favourite cow is Brownie 905.

Luke New

General Farm Worker

Luke was brought up on the Glympton Estate and became interested in cattle there as they had a herd of pedigree Aberdeen Angus. He started at Fir Farm as an apprentice 5 years ago and is now focusing more on the day to day duties of looking after the pedigree herd of Hereford cattle. His proudest moment since joining Fir Farm was winning the national Hereford Calf Show with the homebred Firbosa 1: Moreton.

Joe Bennett

General Farm Worker

Since a very early age Joe has followed his father (Donald) around the estate helping him feed the pheasants and animals. After leaving school he went to Moreton Morrell to study countryside management after which he started his apprenticeship at Fir Farm. Included in his duties is the daily rounds of the woodland pigs, mobile chicken houses and native breed sheep.


Fir Farm is proud to work with the following organisations.

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